I sat down to write this to help myself make sense of what is going on in me, in humanity, collectively, on this earth. The world contains multitudes, and there are just as many unique experiences on this planet at this moment as there are living beings.

But there are themes I am tracking, rites of passage than every person I come in contact with these days seem to have in common. This is what I am here to explore today, themes of metamorphosis, transformation, initiation.

I’ve been in contemplation around the topic of initiation for many years, and never…

We must want the change.

I read this poem this morning,

And it settled into my bones in a way it never had before. I am living in a world that is dying. We all are. Things are changing in ways and at rates that we can’t fully understand yet. We may never fully understand. But the seasons changes and the wisdom of long dead poets hold deep wisdom for us, if we remember how to look, how to listen.

Translated by Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy

Rilke’s wisdom so deeply came from a sense of premonition about the ending of his world, an intuition that came about through the devastation and horrors of the World Wars.


(Even when it feels like we’re at peak extraction/domination and everything is doomed)

The Bad News

If you’re reading this then you likely know these things, but it’s worth getting on the same page. We’re surpassing planetary thresholds that are setting into motion exponential feedback loops of chaos. The wettest and coldest places on Earth are burning, and many of the fires have been set intentionally by humans driven by greed. We are waking up to the fact that the genocide of indigenous people is as much a reality today as it has ever been, and even with the leaders of the world’s governments assembled, it seems like very little radical change is likely to happen…

The most important force in the universe that you probably haven’t heard of.

It’s an idea that has remained in such a narrow niche of human thinking that there’s not even a satisfying wikipedia article about it.

The term was coined in the last century by R. Buckminster Fuller, whose life was dedicated to making “the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous collaboration, without ecological offense or to the disadvantage of anyone.” He was an engineer, a poet, a polymath, and a prophet, and he was aware of the mechanisms of living systems enough to be able to articulate things that humanity had never been able…

I am daily overwhelmed by news of catastrophe and also of hope, and though I try to maintain a wide and inclusive view of what is unfolding on this planet, there are some things that are so dynamic, so nuanced, and so rapidly evolving that it takes some time for me to really feel that I have an understanding of what’s going on. Extinction Rebellion is one such phenomenon.

Most things about Extinction Rebellion that I’ve seen since October 2018 have intrigued me. I had a sense that their actions have centered creation rather than destruction. I knew that they…

Take a moment, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and think about what you love most in the world. What are a few words to describe how you feel?

I feel grounded and steady, like I’m rooted to the earth, or have a blanket, heavy and soft, wrapped around my shoulders. I feel a smile coming over my lips, a joy that feels like laughter and tears washing over me, astonishment that what I love exists. I feel a tugging, from deep within my belly, a yearning to be close to what I love. …

“This is a new life, and I am not afraid.”

Walking along the dirt road path between my home and the temples of Kashi Ashram, the community in which I was raised, the steady rhythm of my footsteps gave rise to this sentence. All I could hear in my mind were these words, “this is a new life, and I am not afraid, this is a new life, and I am not afraid, this is a new life, and I am not afraid.” This became a prayer I breathed as if it were an oxygen mask handed to me as I was drowning in an ocean of sorrow.

At the…

Rev. Ganga Devi Braun

Regenerative counselor, in continual process of devotion to the integrity of all living systems. Constant student of love, death, and chaos. gangadevibraun.com

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