Love is Metaphysical Gravity

Photos from a day of deep rest and connecting with gravity and living things in May, 2017
Late Fragment, by Raymond Carver. Photo and collage by the author, January 2017.
The Black Eye Galaxy, or Messier 64, is known for the distinctive band of space dust that absorbs some of its light, creating the darkness that you see here. That space dust is comprised of many different particles that have the potential to become radiant sources of energy, like our sun. Every single thing we or our ancestors have ever encountered was once a cloud of space dust.

The most simple interpretation of “love is metaphysical gravity” is that the two invisible forces pull things together.

In Systems Theory terms, the two forces bring about emergent properties, systems that are created from two or more other systems coming into contact. We, for example, are an emergent property of our biological parents, but not only them. We are an emergent property of all of our human ancestors, the cultures they built, the meaning and purpose that fueled them, the love and care they provided their children so that we, one day, would live. We are also an emergent property of the rest of the species of the earth, every single organism that has lived to transform matter on this planet for the last 4.54 billion years. We are also the emergent property of the pulsing, breathing metabolizing forces that have been shaping this cosmos for at least 13.82 billion years.

The author strongly recommends taking a nap in a sunny spot with a beloved companion for an immersive experience weaving gravity and love into space, time, and awareness.



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Rev. Ganga Devi Braun

Rev. Ganga Devi Braun

Regenerative counselor, in continual process of devotion to the integrity of all living systems. Constant student of love, death, and chaos.